We have a railcar fleet of more than 3000 freight cars working in diverse services such as chemicals, petroleum services, vegetable oil, cement, sodium sulfate, scrap, etc. This fleet is maintained by our own shops located in the North and in the Southeast part of Mexican Republic, and throughout a number of third party fully certified shops in the US and Canada.

trén de carga


Our lease options help our customers to have as much flexibility as possible, while trying to fulfill their requirements. They include "Full Service Lease" and, "Net Lease", short and long term leases and purchase-leaseback operations.

Customer Focus

We work on building and maintaining long term commercial relations with our customers, permanently seeking alternative solutions that enable us to conform or exceed their needs and guarantee their total satisfaction.

We are convinced that the customers are the main reason for our organization, therefore we are committed to continue learning and understanding their necessities.